TICCS is a national and trusted provider of numerous NHS community MSK contracts across the UK

*As a provider of MSK services, directly employing over 300 fully qualified chartered physiotherapists and osteopaths. We accept in excess of 1000 weekly referrals and deliver more than 200,000 NHS treatments annually.

*Through collaboration and innovation we are working with over 35 CCGs to achieve their ambitions of delivering the 'five year forward view' through:

*Improving access to community-based general and specialist physiotherapy services

*Minimising hospital based outpatient appointments in acute settings

*Delivering outpatient services in community settings, closer to patients' homes

*Supplying evidence-based treatments that comply with all relevant clinical guidelines

*Reducing A&E admissions

*To deliver new models of multispecialty integrated community care, we work collaboratively with our partners to offer a full range of aligned services including:


Expert-Led Community Outpatient Clinics

Our MSK clinics provide patients with quick access to specialists right on their doorstep.  Seeing the right clinician at the right time will reduce secondary care referrals, and shorten patients journeys.  


Chronic Pain Management

This service is delivered via a holistic and multi-disciplinary treatment approach using clinical psychologists in pain and psychological trauma.


Diagnostic Healthcare Solutions

The provision of a vast range of diagnostic testing services in a community setting, closer to patients’ homes. For example: MRI scan, X-ray, and MSK Ultrasound.


NHS Community Physiotherapy Complaints

Please click on this link to view our complaints policy for NHS patients - Complaints Procedure (NHS Community Physiotherapy)